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Parade de Souvenir Camp d'été des cadets - Valcartier - Cadet Summer Camp

Family Military Tradition

I  was a Naval Association cadet from ages 9-12, thus I have worn the uniform of all three branches of service, Navy , Army and Air Force. I come from a family with a long military tradition: father, grand-father, great grandfather (who was in both world wars) and more family all the way back to John Day, an officer with George Washington’s army. The Hudson family coat of arms was reportedly given to us by King Richard the Lion Hearted for our role in the crusades. In the opinion of English genealogosts, the early ancestors of the Hudson family came into England with William the Conqueror in 1066. On my mothers side, the name Woods also came over to England, Ireland and Scotland following the Norman Conquest. Basically I am descendant from a bunch of unruly vikings that, once having conquered Normandy, set their sights on the UK.

Chief of Defence Staff, General Jon Vance, CMM MSC CD shakes hands and presents Cadet Sergeant Issac Woods-Hudson with a CDS Gold Coin of Excellence

Chief of Defence Staff, General Jon Vance, CMM, MSC, CD, shakes hands and presents Cadet Sergeant Issac Woods-Hudson with a CDS Gold Coin of Excellence.

"We were most impressed by Isaac's ability to respond to each request we put before him and equally to adjust to last minute changes with his cool aplomb. His role in the choir/piper Amazing Grace was beautiful to watch and hear as he marched away from the choir, down the sidewalk surrounded by the public who were laying their wreaths." - Gerry Wharton, Director of Ceremonies, Wreaths Across Canada

Issac Woods-Hudson with Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier, deputy comander of the Royal Canadian Navy

Cadet Warrant Officer Issac Woods-Hudson with Rear Admiral Joseph Pierre Gilles Couturier OMM CD, deputy comander of the Royal Canadian Navy at a Naval Association fundraiser for  Soldier On.

Letter of thanks from: The Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan, PC, OMM, MSM, CD, MP, Minister of National Defence.  I received a letter of thanks from the Minister of National Defence for my efforts to try to organize a Canadian Pipe and Drum band to take part in an International military music festival. It ended up not happening because of all the taskings for Canada's 150th anniversary. 

Black Watch Cadets

I was in the Black Watch cadets from 2012 until the end of 2016. I had a good time actually in the cadet movement itself and would highly recommend it.

The Black Watch Cadet Pipes and Drums

I had  problems in the Black Watch Cadet  Corps Pipes and Drums. These problems had to do with the politics between people in the Regimental and Association bands and to some extent, CIL / CIC Officers who found themselves caught up in it.

Essentially, after having learned that I played in the 306 Maple Leaf Air Force Association band and some of the private gigs that might have gone to members of the Black Watch Association band went to me as a result of my website, I was strongly pressured by the pipe majors of the BWAPD and the regimental bands to quit the air force band and take down my website. I refused to do either. This was followed by a campaign of abuse and harrasment. I called them out on it and some people were punished.

Following a complaint of harassment and abuse of position / authority,  I received a written apology and a senior member of the Black Watch family removed himself from instructing cadet pipers and drummers. After many verbal complaints to the Commanding  CIL officer, he only reacted when he became aware of an audio recording of some of the abuse. Prior to that it was "Well, it's your word versus his, not much we can prove." Had the officer in question done his job, there would have been no need for an audio recording  of the harassment.

 One time I watched as the senior drummer of the cadet band was berated during a band practice by the same senior member of the Black Watch regimental family (who was also the person responsible for the cadet band), towering over him telling him  "Wipe that smile off your face." I could see the cadet trying to hold back his tears.  He was a cadet, not a US Marine.  The instructor was there to teach music, not act as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman. The exact same thing happened to me a year later. I didn't tear up, I just didn't put up with the bullying. It was just one more event that got added to my first complaint.

Parents, if you are OK with this, then your son or daughter will do fine. Otherwise, you may be putting your son or daughter at risk.

I never asked for the apology nor for the senior member of the Black Watch family to be removed  from instructing cadet pipers and drummers. I just wanted the abuse / bullying to stop. I didn't want to be abused nor did I want those under me being abused. I was the Pipe Sergeant at the time.

 I thought that after the successful resolution of this first complaint, the harassment and abuse was over.  It actually got worse.

A second complaint was made to the area cadet headquarters which resulted in the former CIL Commanding Officer receiving a reprimand. This is a fairly serious punishment under the Code of  Service Discipline. No officer wants that on their record. I was assured by the J3 OIC Montreal Area Cadet Office that this officer will not be in a position to harass cadets in the future.

Cadets can be a great learning experience. Unfortunately, one of the things that I learned was that when a person files a harassment / abuse of authority complaint, not everyone is going to be your best friend after and will work diligently against you on the sidelines.

Despite everything, I would not change a thing that I did. The people that needed to be called out were called out, exposed, reprimanded and or caused to cease teaching cadets. I did the right thing. Those who perpetrated the harassment, covered for it and the CIL Officers who ignored it or tried to downplay it - I call them cowardly and not worthy of their commission scroll.

Other cadets just shut up and put up with it. Today they are marching around the parade square in the Association or Regimental bands.

I will say that the music instruction was second to none. All of the instructors from the Black Watch and the Black Wath Association Pipes and Drums were excellent. They know what they are doing and know how to impart it.

It is my undertsanding that the Lachine Dorval air cadets are forming a pipe and drum band. Maybe there are less problems there? In fact I know it won't happen because I am one of the two instructors there now.


The Lachine / Dorval air cadets are indeed forming a pipe and drum band, A call went out asking for instructors and I answered So now I am teaching bagpipes to air cadets on Wednesday nights.

John Day

Born in England, John Day, emigrated to Massachusetts in time to participate the Boston Tea Party, and was an officer under George Washington in the Revolutionary war. For meritorious services, he received a tract of land called Patricktown Plantation, renamed Somerville, Lincoln County, Maine.

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